What You Must Know about Google SEO Ranking Factors

In the race to achieve the top most position in Google search results, many websites face a very tough competition. There are more than 200 factors which Google takes into consideration when ranking your website. The top factors that Google takes into consideration are relevancy and accuracy.

The rank of your website is largely dependent on the results of the algorithm and data collected by the search engine spiders. No human interventions or efforts can help bring your page up in the search results, the whole system is automated and dependent on the outcome of the algorithm.

Some of the crucial Enterprise SEO factors are listed below which can help you optimize your website’s position:

  1. Content: The more relevant, genuine, unique and up to date your content is, the greater your prospects are of having a better position on the search engine. Google is excellent at analyzing the content for relevance and determining if the searchers are satisfied with it. Content with easy to read lines, relevant images, and headings can add value to your rankings.
  2. Optimization: Google is fond of optimization which means that your website should have meta data, meta description and meta title. Meta descriptions and titles have a great influence on the searchers hence, google seo ranking factors are influenced by these optimization factors.
  3. SEO: Google has a set of guidelines for technical SEO. Websites that are in line with these guidelines are likely to be ranked higher. The rules keep evolving; hence regular checks can ensure that your website is structured accordingly
  4. Quality backlinks: Good backlinks can do wonders when it comes to enhancing your websites ranking. Google gives credit to websites with good quality backlinks as these websites are rated as more relevant and authentic as compared to those who don’t display any backlinks. Digital PR and blogging can help with providing great quality and number of backlinks.

To stay at the top of game, you must stay updated about the ever changing algorithms. Over the years, Google SEO ranking factors have evolved and developed to a great extent. The demand for rich content and authentic backlinks have augmented and the competition has certainly become more rigorous.

A good SEO strategy can get you the desired rankings for your website. Moreover, factors such as mobile friendliness are also of major significance. In 2004, Google announced that a website’s compatibility with mobile phones will have a direct impact on its rating. The page speed is also taken into consideration by Google as the idea it to provide the users with a great website with useful, informative content that can be accessed easily without any delay.

With careful planning, your website can reach the top level and become popular amongst searchers in no time.