Top 5 Computer Speakers 2019/20

Computer speakers come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and prices. Best of all, the majority of them are wireless and no longer need to be plugged into your PC or laptop. While wearing a pair of headphones can drastically improve your computer audio experience, there are times when you just need to take the cans off and share the sound with others. And let’s face it, wearing headphones for long periods of time can become uncomfortable. From powerful sound systems to low-profile desk speakers, here is our list of sound equipment guaranteed to let you bask in superior sound quality while you work and play.

Top 5 Computer Speakers 2019/20

Logitech G560

Created specifically for gaming, these surround sound speakers pack a powerful punch. One of the highlights here is RGB (red, blue and green) lighting, a coloured illumination that syncs with any kind of content for a more immersive gaming experience. Logitech 560 features two modes. Hardware control uses Bluetooth or AUX input for lighting that flashes and changes in time with the beat of the sound being played. Software control, on the other hand, lets you select between colours, colour cycles, as well as screen sampler and audio visualiser modes. Since the speakers feature rear-facing LEDs, position them with their backs against a wall for optimum effect.

Audioengine A2+

This pair of sleek-looking speakers connect to your desktop’s USB port for incredibly detailed sound quality. The speakers’ other input and output options include 3.5 mm, RCA and Bluetooth. With 15 watts of power, each speaker delivers a wide sound field and a balanced bass. Better still, they are compact enough to fit comfortably on even the smallest of desks. While Audioengine A2+ doesn’t come with a subwoofer, its RCA output makes connecting an external woofer a breeze.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

These translucent, futuristic-looking speaker and subwoofer combo offers top-notch sound, with very little distortion, even when cranked up to the max. In fact, the sound quality remains unaffected up to the recommended 30-foot range. Plus, they feature wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, and stay in pairing mode as long as they are switched on, making switching between audio sources ultra simple.

Dell Wireless 360 Speaker System AE715

What sets this stylish speaker system apart from the pack is its 360-degree sound output—not something that is common in computer speakers. While this device does not offer the most powerful audio out there, it is definitely a great choice in its price range. Some of this unit’s other features include wireless functionality, a USB charging port and an integrated mic for conference calls.

Edifier E25HD Luna Eclipse

These elegant dual bass speakers sound and look terrific—select from black, white or red. With little to no distortion, they are ideal for those who like their music loud. Plus, they feature Bluetooth connectivity for maximum convenience and a handy remote control that lets you turn the system on and off, and adjust its volume. Some other features that make this product one-of-a-kind include a three-inch bass driver, dual passive bass radiators and a silk dome tweeter.

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