Skills of an Effective Computer Technician

Skills of an Effective Computer Technician

An outstanding computer technician is someone who solves all the problems with professionalism and courtesy without introducing new stresses or worries.

To be an effective computer technician, one has to acquire a certain set of skills. Here are some of the skills and traits that our computer technicians at Zoo Computer Repairs are proud to have:

A good computer technician…

Never panics.

A good computer technician understands that it’s okay to not know everything but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to figure it out. Part of being a technician is being excited about discovering and solving new problems. That’s how you grow. A good computer technician doesn’t fear or stress over repairs.

Is professional.

A good computer technician shows up on time and lets his clients know if he will be running late. A good computer technician dresses nicely, takes a shower, doesn’t chew gum while talking, and doesn’t use foul language. A good technician treats every service call like a job interview. If you want the client’s business now and in the future, you should be as professional as possible at all times.

Isn’t afraid to call in for backup.

A good computer technician knows that it’s okay to search the Internet if he’s unsure of what to do. Clients only really want to see their problem fixed, whatever means necessary. While clients may be impressed by a technician’s recall ability of every computer problem ever encountered, they will be infinitely more impressed when the issue is fixed correctly.

Has tools ready before arriving.

A good computer technician can squeeze by with only a few tools. However, it is always a good idea to bring all the tools required into the client’s house. A technician should really only need to go back to his car for specific hardware replacements or upgrades.

Asks plenty of questions.

A good computer technician knows that it’s always a good idea to ask questions such as “When did the problem start? Was anything changed since the problem began? What are the symptoms or error messages you’re seeing? How do you get around the problem? Would you like to know how anything else on your computer can be upgraded or improved? Do you want your computer to do anything it currently cannot do?”

Answers any questions the clients may have and lets them watch the repair process if they want to.

A good computer technician always does a good job and is proud to show it to their clients. A good computer technician is a good multitasker as well.