Pairing Light Panels with your Device – Nano Leaf Biggest Issue and how to fix

When I first purchased my Nano Leaf second-hand from someone on Gumtree (second-hand Market Place) in order to save some money, I had no idea the frustration that I would have when it came to pairing the Nano Leaf lights to my WIFI network, after they had already been connected to someone else’s Network. It would also appear that the Wizards at Nano Leaf, would also feel it was not relevant to include it within their instructions. So much so, that when I finally got it to work – I left a comment on how to do so, and it was my most popular comment on YouTube to date with over 125 Likes as well as 14 Replies.

Nano Leaf not connecting to Your WIFI Network

The simple fix for this is to do a hard reset of the Nano Leaf and you do this by holding down the power and the plus button… All lights will flash and that means it’s removed all the settings and you can pair it to your phone and then network. It seems as if those at Nano Leaf – forgot to include this in their documentation which is one of the biggest issues faced with Trouble shooting connection issues with your Nano Leaf to your Home WIFI network.