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Zoo Computer Repairs – is one of the few companies with a computer technician who can operate at a system board level for repairs. Most computer repairers will try to sell you a new or second-hand computer when one of our technicians can fix most system board issues. In fact, we get some Apple employees recommending us for out-of-warranty machines or when they can’t supply the parts due to our ability to offer this service.

Do You Need a MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement?

If your MacBook Pro is experiencing issues such as random shutdowns, graphics glitches, or failure to boot up, it may be a sign that you need a logic board replacement. The logic board, also known as the motherboard, is a crucial component that houses the CPU, RAM, and other essential hardware. If it becomes damaged or faulty, it can affect the overall performance and functionality of your MacBook Pro. Usually, the only sure way to know that you need logic board repairs is the process of elimination when other parts, such as the memory and hard drive have been eliminated which could indicate that there is a logic board failure.

Do You Need a MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement?

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Excessive heat can cause damage to the logic board's components, such as the processor or graphics card, leading to failure.

Liquid damage

Spilling liquid on a MacBook Pro can result in short circuits and corrosion on the logic board, causing it to malfunction or fail.

Power surges or electrical issues

Sudden power surges or fluctuations in electrical supply can damage the logic board's circuitry and components.

Physical damage

Dropping or mishandling a MacBook Pro can result in physical damage to the logic board, leading to failure.

Manufacturing defects

In some cases, manufacturing defects or component failures can result in logic board failures.

Age and wear

Over time, the components on the logic board can wear out, leading to failure. This is more likely to occur in older MacBook Pro models.

7 Signs of a Faulty Logic Board in Your Mac

  • Random shutdowns: If your MacBook suddenly shuts down without warning or reason, it could be a sign of a faulty logic board. The logic board controls the power and other essential functions of your MacBook so a malfunctioning board can cause unexpected shutdowns.
  • Overheating: A faulty logic board can cause your MacBook to overheat. If your MacBook is getting unusually hot, even during light usage or when idle, it could indicate a problem with the logic board.
  • Display issues: A faulty logic board can cause problems, such as flickering, distorted images, or a completely blank screen. If you experience any of these issues, it’s possible that the logic board is to blame.
  • USB or other port failures: If your MacBook’s USB ports or other ports stop working, it could be a sign of a faulty logic board. The logic board controls the communication between your MacBook and external devices, so a malfunctioning board can cause issues with connectivity.
  • Audio problems: A faulty logic board can also result in audio issues, such as distorted sound, no sound, or audio cutting in and out. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s worth considering the possibility of a faulty logic board.
  • Startup issues: If your MacBook has trouble starting up or takes a long time to boot, it could be due to a faulty logic board. The logic board plays a crucial role in the startup process, so any issues can result in slow or failed startups.
  • Random freezes or crashes: If your MacBook frequently freezes or crashes, it could be a sign of a faulty logic board even during simple tasks. The logic board coordinates all the internal components, so a malfunctioning board can cause system instability.

MacBook logic board replacement cost in Greater Brisbane

Now, you might think that a specialised field such as logic board repair is a costly service however, you would be pleased to know that Zoo Computer Repairs offers this service at a very reasonable rate compared to what the Apple store would typically charge to get a computer repaired through them. We always charge 1 hour of labour to inspect the Mac Book to determine what’s wrong with it. Typically if it’s an obvious issue like a broken screen, we can provide a quote, but when your required to open up a machine and inspect the MacBook Pro logic boards we do have to charge for our time to do so. Most logic Board repairs can cost about $500 give or take because they require not only electronic knowledge but also micro soldering skills. If you fill out our quote form we can get back to you on the cost of your logic board to be repaired but if we need to inspect it because it’s not as obviously that’s when we will ask for you to drop it off or we will come and pick it up.

Macbook Pro Logic Boards What is type of a technician does these repairs?

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First level computer repair example (Most computer Technicians).

Your MacBook is made up of several parts including the screen, keyboard, touchpad, battery, SSD hard drive, Wifi card, logic board, and various connecting cables. The aim here is to find out which part is causing problems and replace it. This kind of repair is pretty straightforward and relies on having the necessary spare parts on hand. If you don’t have the replacement parts, you can’t fix the problem. For instance, if your MacBook’s logic board is malfunctioning, both Apple Authorized Service Providers and local computer shops will inform you that your MacBook can’t be repaired as they don’t have access to a replacement board. If your logic board is still under warranty, Apple will send it to an overseas manufacturer for repair. If it’s not, you’re left with a non-functional MacBook. Interestingly, the technicians at the genius bar usually don’t tell you that there are people in your city who can fix your logic board.

Second level repair or chip-level or manufacturer-level repair (very few people offer this service)

This level involves working on individual components of the logic board like CPUs, GPUs, ICs, transistors, resistors, capacitors, and so on. The aim is to find out which among the thousands of chips on the board is faulty and replace them without causing any damage to the surrounding chips. This process is repeated until all defective chips are replaced and the board passes all functionality and stability tests. It’s almost like a detailed forensic investigation. To do this effectively and economically, you need knowledge in electronics, good problem-solving skills, micro-soldering skills, experience, proper tools and most importantly, an in-depth understanding of the design of the Apple logic board. Sadly, only a handful of companies are capable of performing this task effectively, even fewer in Australia. We’re proud to say we’re one of them.

Frequently asked Questions

Zoo Computer Repairs

How long does a logic board repair take?

We try to get your logic board repaired as soon as we can, however, some heavily damaged logic board repair, can take up to 5 business days. We want to make sure your laptops logic board will work perfectly when the logic board repair, is complete.

Does Apple Repair Logic Boards?

No, Apple does not repair logic boards. All the old logic boards get stripped for precious metals, recycled due to their Green policy on their website.

Is a Logic Board the same as a System board?

The term Logic board is the term used by Apple technicians and the term Motherboard is used by other technicians apart from the Apple counterparts. Basically, in a Macbook pro there is only a single board (So called Logic Board ) on which the main processor, RAM and other components are fixed unlike PC’s where every part can usually be customised. This is the reason why when a Mac costs it is way more expensive than a PC breaking down – because anyone can simply replace RAM or hard drive in a Desktop PC.