Zoo Repairs is the premiere laptop repair company in Brisbane and Queensland. We’ve been featured as a tech Expert on Channel 9 and we have over 800 5 star reviews on Word of Mouth Online.  Let us help you with our Laptop Services regardless of whether you live in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, North Lakes or Redland bay.

Zoo Repairs – Best Laptop Repair Services in Brisbane

Your Windows laptop has a virus and you do not know how to fix it? We can get that handled. You dropped your notebook and now the screen is broken? Guess what? We can also do laptop screen repair in Brisbane as well. That’s right, you don’t even need to get a new laptop computer if you completely shattered your screen, we will get you a new one instead.

Our rates for laptop repairs are the best in town and also our technicians have worked with some of the top PC support companies around. There probably isn’t anyone more qualified to get the job done than us, and we are so friendly, you will want to call us back. And we will be okay with that too as we have given countless free tips to past customers who needed more help with their laptops later on.

Do not want to move in order to get your laptop fixed? As long as you have access to an internet connection, we can fix your laptop at a distance with our special software.

Give us a call and get your laptop fixed today!

If your laptop is not going very fast or won’t even boot, then we can handle that for you. Don’t get a new laptop if you can just repair your current machine, or upgrade its hardware for much cheaper than you would if you just bought a new one. All we really want here is to help you save some money.

Laptop Repairs BrisbaneCan’t get your laptop to work on the DC jack and have to use your battery to get it working? That may be because your jack is getting too old and won’t run anymore. That’s why we also do DC jacks repair and will make it even better than the original one that came from the manufacturer.

Dropped liquid on your laptop or had it plugged in during a thunderstorm that short-circuited the motherboard?

That’s fine. The motherboard inside of your laptop controls pretty much all hardware and if you are having problems, then just check with our technician and they will find the issue in no time. Usually, that will result in a much cheaper cost than if you bought a brand-new motherboard.

We Fix Common Laptop Issues For businesses and Consumer’s across the Greater Brisbane Area

Whether you need your laptop to send and receive emails, edit videos, check the news or play games, the following laptop issues can cause you a whole host of problems.

  • Dead Laptop or a Laptop where there is no power
  • Very slow boot up time – can be 5 minutes or more ( this can be because of Hardware or software which we can assist with both)
  • Programs fail to load
  • Strange blue screen errors
  • Windows randomly freezes or shuts down
  • Laptop is hot to touch
  • Latest software will not install
  • Laptop Wi-Fi keeps dropping out
  • DVD drive not working correctly
  • Faulty AC power adapter
  • Faulty wireless or Bluetooth
  • Faulty Laptop Batteries
  • Faulty Power Socket / DC Jack
  • Broken keyboards
  • Virus and malware infection
  • Broken, faulty, or full hard drives
  • Laptop Data Recovery

If your laptop issue isn’t on this list, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to chat about the problems you are encountering and do our best to diagnose the probable cause and recommend a solution.