Five Signs Indicating Your Laptop Computer Is Broken Irreparably

Broken Laptop Computer

You might be wondering what that blue screen meant, or perhaps you seem to feel that your printer is not cooperating as well as before. A dysfunctional computer is a huge problem, especially if your career and life depend on it.

With the fast changing times, technology can be a bit unpredictable with update notices frequently popping up on your screen and hardware eventually needing upgrades. With all the confusion regarding tech stuff, it can be easy to lose track on what to do.

If you feel that your laptop needs repair, here are five signs to know whether your computer is still working fine or not.

Power Drains Faster than Usual

If your laptop drains incredibly fast, then that might indicate a power issue. Check the indicator lights on the side to see what it shows. Depending on the brand and model of your laptop, you will see either blue or green lights that are steady or blinking. These tell you whether the battery is charging or not. Just to be sure, you can read the user’s manual to figure out when your battery is charging or when you are running on AC or battery power. Maybe the battery drained out completely and just needed to be charged, or that the power cord is not plugged-in snugly. If either the battery or the cable is damaged, then simply replace it; otherwise, you might need to seek help from experts in printer repair.

Performance Is Tediously Slower Than Ever

When your computer boots up sluggishly or prompts that you have to boot into safe mode, then your hard drive probably has firmware issues. Sometimes, when you are in the middle of a task and the application crashes you might get the blue screen of death. This is a notice that indicates a problem with the software in your computer. Intimidating as it may sound, it is apparently rectifiable if the issue is simple, but other times it could really mean the end of your laptop.

Memory Seems Limited

When you observe that your computer starts to get slow or perhaps randomly crashes in the middle of something, then this is an indication of a failing RAM. Random Access Memory allows different programs to run simultaneously, but when overworked, your computer’s performance speed will suffer, and applications will frequently crash. One thing to prevent your RAM from utter destruction is to upgrade the memory. But when the blue screen of death shows up, then that is a serious problem.

Computer Crashes and Fails to Boot Up

When your computer fails to boot, or subsequently displays blue screen error messages, then that indicates a malfunctioning motherboard. Furthermore, if you observe any hardware failure, audio and screen issues, and connected devices failure, then you have to send your computer to a local computer repair shop. This could signify an issue with the central processing unit.

Hardware Function Failure

When your touchpad no longer responds or your computer screen shows dead pixels, then you might be facing a hardware issue. Problems with components might be more inconvenient and expensive to remedy since you have to send in your laptop to the manufacturer or authorised service centres for repairs. You will be lucky if the warranty still covers the damages, but more often, these issues show up after more than a year or two –a time when the warranty is no longer effective.


Now that you have checked whether your laptop computer shows any signs of dysfunction, then you can decide whether you still need to head to the computer repair shop or opt to buy a new one instead. If you figured that your computer is perfectly fine, and that your printer is the culprit, then you can look up HP Design Jet for sale online. Great deals and offers await.