Facts About POS Apps You Should Know

In any business setting, record keeping is one of the most important things that needs to be accounted for. That is because anything can happen and in some cases, the authorities may request you to release the transaction data for investigations or audits. A good POS should be able to compile all transaction data and store them safely. When involved in a lawsuit where proof of transaction is required, your lawyer will find it very easy to solve the case if you have a good point of sale app.

Other features you will want to watch out for when selecting your POS app include the following:

Accommodates various payment methods

A good POS should be able to accept different kinds of payment whether cash or electronic money. That requires the application to be compatible with various POS devices like cash registers, barcode, and smart card readers. By offering customers more payment options, you are most likely to get many of them to become loyal customers. Another thing that you should know about smart card readers is that they also keep personal information of the customer, which can come in handy in case of an investigation.

Easy to use

A good POS is one that gives the user an easy time to store and retrieve transaction data. Additionally, it should not be complicated because companies need such data to improve their business. When it comes to integration, your POS must be flexible enough to cope with the new changes in the company. That is why it is imperative that you work with an e-commerce platform that is scalable. That means that you will not have to change your POS app even when your inventory grows to a large enterprise.


A good POS should be able to process orders as fast as possible. However, it is essential to know that the speed of your POS dramatically depends on your hosting company, especially when it comes to your online shoppers. That is why when selecting a hosting provider, you need to make sure that they have servers specifically built for e-commerce. That means that your business transactions will always run as usual no matter how much traffic their servers have. Additionally, it needs to have a fast barcode and smartcard reader to make the checkout process faster. Today, online shoppers check out using their mobile devices unlike in the past where most would prefer completing the process on desktops. That means your POS app must be optimized to favor smartphone users.

Live customer support

As much as the online shopping process is automated, it is vital that you have live support ready to attend to customers. Typically, customers have queries, and some need clarification before making purchases. While most companies use robots to respond to customers, it is good to know that not many customers appreciate this. That is because customers expect straightforward answers to their questions. Whether it is on call or through a chat box, live support will give your customers a feeling of belonging. Additionally, you should know that your POS should also be able to keep a record of all customer communications.


Companies are going to extreme extents to ensure that their company data is safe and secure. When you are dealing with a complaint concerning a particular transaction that was conducted online, it is good to know that a substantial proof will give your lawyer an easy time to find the best solution for you. You should also know that a good POS makes it impossible to alter or get rid of records, keeping you in the clear of any legal trouble that may arise.