Don’t want to pay Apple store prices for water-damaged Macbook repairs?

Spilled Water on your MacBook?

If you live in the greater Brisbane Area (or the East Coast of Australia) we offer the most affordable prices for liquid damage to your MacBook or Laptop.
If you have spilt Beer or a sugar-based drink on the Mac Book Corrosion can occur if not cleaned up fast. Please contact us immediately if this is the case – the below mainly applies to water-damaged laptops
We are one of the few companies in Australia that are doing System Board repairs for Mac Books as well as Water Damage repairs.

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What happens inside my MacBook when the spill occurs?

Whether you use your MacBook for leisure or for work, it is an essential component of your everyday life. When a liquid spill occurs, the worry of not knowing if it can be preserved or how much it will cost to fix it may be pretty distressing. Because of this, understanding what happens within your MacBook when a spill occurs will help you attempt to save it as best you can before we have a chance to examine it. Accidental liquid spills on your MacBook or MacBook Pro might result in serious damage. The liquid can easily penetrate your MacBook, resulting in extensive water damage that could ruin the battery, logic board, and other internal parts of your laptop.

What should I do if I spilled water on my MacBook?

In order to give your MacBook logic board a fighting chance of surviving you can follow these steps.


Firstly, shut your MacBook down immediately and disconnect it from any power sources. If possible, try to remove the battery and unplug any accessories as well.

Your safety should be given priority. To prevent getting shocked or starting a fire, you need to exercise caution when around water and electricity. Find the circuit breaker and shut it off if water went on a power outlet and then unplug the charger from the wall if your MacBook is charging at the moment. Even if it results in further liquid spills on your MacBook in the interim, you must do this before transporting your MacBook to a dry area.


It should be okay to move your MacBook out of the water now that you have turned off any power sources. Depending on the type of water damage that has happened, place the MacBook on a towel. Don’t try to save any documents or your work by trying to shut it down – but instead forcefully turn off the machine by using the power button and hold it down until the MacBook Switches off these steps can be applied to any MacBook models.

Gently wipe away any excess liquid with a dry cloth. Do not use a hairdryer or any heat source to dry the MacBook – this could potentially cause more damage. Instead, please leave it to air dry for at least 24 hours beforehand. You may be tempted to try turning on the Mac book Air – but please note that if you switch it on and there is still liquid inside your computer – it can short-circuit it – causing more permanent damage.

– Once the MacBook is completely dry (and you’ve waited up to 24 hours), try turning it on. If your MacBook still does not turn on or if there are other issues like the keyboard or trackpad not working, this is when we will organise a collection of the system to attempt to see how much damage has been done internally. You can give us a call directly on 07 35592902 or fill in an online quote form by clicking here.

Does it matter what type of liquid is spilled on my MacBook?

Yes, it does matter what type of liquid is spilled on your MacBook. Some liquids can cause irreversible damage while others may only cause temporary inconvenience, for example water is far less damaging than sugary drinks or acidic substances. If sugary or acidic liquids such as soda, coffee or fruit juice are spilled on your MacBook, they can corrode the internal components and cause permanent damage such as a damaged motherboard, a fried hard drive or a malfunctioning keyboard. Next, the liquid must be carefully removed from both the exterior and interior components. It is important to not try to power on the MacBook until it has been completely dried out, as residual liquid can cause a short circuit and further damage. Therefore, it is wise to handle your MacBook with care, and avoid placing any drinks or liquids in close proximity to it.

Can MacBook Air survive a drop of water?

While it is generally not ideal for any electronic device to be exposed to water, the MacBook family of products are no exception. Water can cause damage to the internal components, leading to malfunctions or complete failure. If your MacBook Air does come into contact with water, it is important to turn it off immediately and only attempt to turn it on again once it has fully dried out. You should also seek professional help in assessing any potential damage to the device.

How much does water damage Macbook cost

The cost of water damage to a MacBook can vary depending on whether repairs are done through Apple or getting it done through Mac Repairs Brisbane. If the damage is covered under warranty (which usually isn’t )- the cost is minimal or even free. However, if the warranty has expired or the damage is not covered, repairs through Apple can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Not only do we fix Macbook Keyboard and MacBook screen repairs – but we are the number one choice in the greater Brisbane area (Ipswich, Logan, Brisbane and North Lakes) for water-damaged MacBook repairs.

Does Applecare+ cover water damage Macbook air?

Firstly, Apple Care costs $299 for MacBook Air in Australia. As for water damage, Apple Care+ does not cover it, except for accidental damage with a service fee of AUD $149. So, if you accidentally spill liquid on your MacBook Air, you would have to pay the service fee upfront to repair it with Apple Care+. However, if water damage is due to a manufacturing defect, Apple may cover the repair costs. Otherwise, Apple recommends you use a water-resistant cover and take extra precautions to avoid spills and splashes (like these things are planned anyway, right). Other options you may consider are third-party warranties that cover water damage and accidental damage, which can be more affordable and provide similar protection. Nonetheless, it is essential to read through each manufacturer’s warranty policy before purchasing to ensure you have adequate coverage.