How can Zoo Computer Repairs help with your IT Insurance Claim?


You use your computer or laptop every day. You depend on it, to pay bills, watch movies, play video games and even use it to run your small business. So what happens when something goes wrong.? Wrong and you need to file a claim with your insurance company. Typically the first thing that they want is an expert technician to provide a Comprehensive Assessment of your laptop on whether it can be fixed, or whether the cost of the fix weighs the cost of a new replacement machine.


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What are the types of Insurance Claims for Computers that you help with.

When it comes to your computer or laptop, there are various types of insurance claims for computer repair that you can file. These include:

  • Power surge Insurance Claims (sometimes you are in an older house that hasn’t got surge protectors or they aren’t working)
  • Lightning Strike Insurance Claims
  • Water and liquid damage Insurance Claims
  • Accidental Damage Insurance Claims (such as you’ve dropped the computer and the screen is broken or the power jack is damaged or even the hard drive might have been spinning at the time of the drop and this has caused issues with the drive)
  • Malicious Damage Insurance Claims
  • Fire damage insurance Claims

Some insurance companies also cover

  • Data Loss Insurance Claims (typically you can try to claim this if your hard drive was dropped as part of the accidental damage claim.

If your device has incurred damage due to the causes mentioned above, the cost of both the inspection fee and report that we provide is usually covered by your insurance company but you have to pay us first before receiving the report.


Zoo Computer Repairs has been featured on Channel 9 News and has more reviews than any other computer repair company in the greater Brisbane area. At the time of writing this article (June 2023), we have over 1000 + reviews across our Word of mouth profile, Google Profile, Yellow Page profile and true Local profile. Insurance companies look very closely at the company that is giving you an insurance report. They want to make sure that these companies are legit, unfortunately, we have been asked by some customers that they required another quote due to the insurance company questioning the legitimacy of the previous quote. To date – none of our reports which recommend a machine is to be replaced has ever been denied due to our reputation among insurance companies.

Our complete Laptop / Computer Insurance Report Claim Process

If an insurance report is required, the following process will be provided.

1. Assess the Device

Once you need someone to do your report contact us straight away on our phone number at 0410 659 349 so that we can arrange a time to either come out and inspect the unit or you can drop it off at our Brisbane based addresses, North Lakes address or Ipswich address. We charge a flat fee of $150 for an insurance quote (including GST) which will usually always be refunded by the insurance company – although you will have to pay upfront to get the report.

During this assessment, we will need to prepare for writing the comprehensive report which will involve us checking out the water damage / faulty device to ensure that we will be able to claim a write-off as opposed to a fix.

2. Take Photographs

Typically we will also need to take photos of the laptop/computer so that the insurance company can have access to these to validate what we are saying and to provide further proof. Don’t forget our insurance reports cover all brands of laptops as well as apple mac Computers.

3. Prepare the report

Once we have all these details and have advised you of what our findings are – we will need to prepare a Laptop Damage insurance report which includes a technical report of what has happened and what our findings are. This will be done on our letterhead by one of our Microsoft-certified technicians or an Apple (non-certified) technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you please send an insurance report regarding a water-damaged MacBook?

Yes but first we need to assess the damaged MacBook in person. From that, we will be able to tell how bad the water damage is, and specifically what internal components have been damaged. After our initial assessment, we will write a comprehensive insurance report, which you can then give to your insurance company.

Can you provide information on the contents of an official computer repair insurance report?

Our computer insurance reports are written on our company letterhead and include comprehensive details about the exact damage to your computer and what parts have sustained damage, and the cost for repair or replacement. Depending on the overall damage, the cost of replacement parts, the age of the machine and labour costs will determine if we recommend repairing or replacing your computer.

Is it necessary to evaluate my computer before creating an insurance report?

Yes, we need to physically test and assess the computer before we write your insurance report. Obviously insurance fraud is a big thing out there and we need to make sure that we can offer this service without any comprising of our values.

Is it possible for you to evaluate my computer through a phone conversation?

Typically we can’t do a phone insurance report, however, there are some exceptions where we will be able to do a face time/video call to view the damage. In these types of situations, we also ask customers to send us the laptop/computer as this can support your insurance claim that you have no use for the computer.

Is there a fee for obtaining my insurance report?

Yes, you pay us for your insurance report. However, your insurance company will usually reimburse you for the cost of the insurance report.

My computer has experienced damage. Is it possible to retrieve data from the hard drive?

Yes, we provide data recovery services and can recover your files and we can even assist you in setting up a new machine – but please take note – these things are usually not covered by insurance companies.

Thanks for spending some time to read up on our site about our Computer insurance repair quotes.

Zoo Computer Repairs – are the experts with insurance claim reports for electrical surges for your Mac book Pros and any brand of Laptop / Computer and coffee spill damage/water damage in the greater Brisbane area.

Please see the following links for further legal obligations that computer repair companies have regarding insurance reports.

Understanding Insurance has some great resources for you to read regarding insurance.

To verify if your laptop or desktop is insured and what it covers, it is recommended that you contact your insurer. There is however some general information about insurance that is probably worth looking at first so you are clear as to the questions that you need to ask.