Common Causes of Virus Infection

This Article will help you understand how virus, spyware or malware gets into your PC, Mac or Laptop.


Virus Infection Guide

What causes your PC, Mac or Laptop to be Virus Infected?

The Internet. As we are all familiar with its powerful usage and impact, the internet is not a very safe place. Most of the time, we surf through web pages or sites that contains articles, photos and applications that may interest us. However, not all websites are clean and safe. Some websites can automatically send a virus or spyware or malware into your computer when you click a button or sometimes even if you are just visiting the website, a malicious program is being sent to your computer. The internet both houses millions of information and thousands of malicious software that can harm your computer.

Your Friend’s Flash drive. One day you had to copy a file from a friend and he gave you his/her flash drive or any storage device that contains that file. But little did you know that the flash drive was virus infected, and you plugged it into your PC or Laptop. As soon as you plugged it in, your computer started running slow or the worst, it suddenly shut down. This is also a common cause of virus infection. Most virus,spyware and malware are transfers themselves automatically to other machines when plugged.

Accepting without Reading. When installing a software into your computer, the software wizard shows a description of the software, the terms and conditions, and sometimes they offer additional software that you might want to install. Most of these additional software are already checked so when you install software by just hitting accept and next to get the installation process to start, you are very likely to install a virus,spyware or malware software. Virus creators know how lazy most of the users are so they try to sneak these small malicious software into some bigger software.

E-MAILS. We make it a habit to check our e-mails on a regular basis. Your inbox is vulnerable to “spam e-mails” that contains virus,spyware or malware. These e-mails usually contains fake reward details that you miraculously got from random contests. Spam e-emails usually have a subject like “Congratulations! You won $1000!” or “Check your prize by clicking the given link!”. These e-mails are certainly luring you to accidentally download unwanted and malicious software into your PC, Mac or Laptop.


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